Multi Award Winning British born English / Caribbean, Director & Filmmaker. Jamie Graduated University with a degree in Theater and then later began learning the art of film making in his early 20's. By his late 20's he had contributed to a wide variety of roles and directed his debut feature Foxtrap in 2016. He was asked by the same production company to direct two more features, Darker Shades of Elise and Mandy the Haunted Doll in 2017/18. Feeling disappointed with the previous productions due to poor producing practices, he decided to reset his career by writing, producing and directing his own work. His Debut WINGS 2020 was shown is over 23 festivals and has won 14 awards.


Jamie is also the Education Coordinator & Film Producer for Signals.


Signals is a centre for creative digital learning. They specialise in film education, digital art and use media production for social, learning and creative outcomes. A multi-award-winning arts and education charity that provides courses, workshops and projects across the region. Their community projects enable disadvantaged groups to work on production projects, giving participants digital media skills and most importantly a voice. They work with groups through the whole production process helping participants realise their potential and share their stories

They support creativity and learning at all levels, including working with schools, community groups, the cultural and third sector and new talent. We do this through the provision of courses, project work.