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Award Winning Magazine Published Photographer working with Models, Celebs and Industry Pros. 

I love to experiment with Chiaroscuro looks and Coloured Gells, i use consistant lighting and the Sony A7III with Canon Primes




Distribution - Audible, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music


Virgil Fox and Samantha Glove - the capital’s only paranormal
private detectives find themselves running out of time to save a
missing woman trapped within London’s notorious Woolwich Tunnel. Using real world accounts of the tunnel’s deceptive time-bending  phenomenon,backed up by accounts from the Old Wharf archive, an esoteric library of inter-dimensional gateways, portals and other unexplained matter, bubbling between the gaps of London’s 
ancient streets.

Written & Produced by Jamie Weston & Charlotte Luxford


Hear Me Now, Volume 2

Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour 

Distribution  - Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

A brand-new collection of original audition pieces written by and for actors of colour, commissioned by Tamasha Theatre Company and edited by Titilola Dawudu, with a foreword by Noma Dumezweni.

Hear Me Now is a unique collection of over eighty original audition monologues, expressly created by a range of award-winning writers brought together by producer Titilola Dawudu and Tamasha Theatre Company. They're ideal for actors of colour searching for speeches for auditions or training, writers, teachers, and theatre-makers who are passionate about improving diversity.

Titilola Dawudu - Anthology Editor

Jamie Weston - Contributor of two monologues 


University of Essex B.A Hons Drama

Colchester Institue BTEC

2:1 Degree in theatre, including technical stage craft, practical directing and writing, studying text, understanding Shakespeare and devising.

Distinction,Distinction, Merrit in Acting Techniques, Developing Physical Theatre, Classical Theatre Performance, Acting Improvisation

Tendring Technology College A Levels

English Literature B, Philosophy C, Drama B, Business studies C

Tendring Technology College GCSE

9 Grades A-C English, Maths, Double Science, Business Studies, History, Geography, French, Textiles

  • Producing and directing teams of 30+

  • Shooting and Editing Content

  • Shooting with Arri, Red & Sony Cameras

  • Proficient with Adobe Suite & Davinci

  • Working with Celebrity Talent

  • Presenting & Skill Sharing

  • Writing and developing narrative

  • Multicam Shooting & Live Streaming

  • Working to tight deadlines

  • Keeping calm and concise in high stress environments

  • Self shoot producing in foreign countries

  • Working and training young people, vunrable adults and those with learning disabilites

  • Sourcing diverse crew and talent

  • Creating great relationships with clients and partners

  • Level 2 Safegaurding

  • Emergency 1st Aid

  • Bronze and Silver Arts Award Trainer

  • Duke of Edinburgh bronze Award

  • Horror Effects Make-Up, Arabella Clarke,

  • Lighting Masterclass, Steven Hall, DOP

  • Sound for Film, Colchester Sound Course

  • Speaking Shakespeare, RADA, London, UK


I'm an advocate for supporting indie productions, startup companies and artistic collaborations here's are some of the content i have produced In Kind. 

The Jewish Wife 

Starring Ben Jacobson & Charlotte Luxford

Produced by Charlotte Luxford & Jamie Weston

A Jamie Weston Films production

Premiered in Voice Box Festival 2020


Electro Magnetic 

Starring Award Winning Afghan Folk singer Elaha Sorror & Frazer Merrick

Produced by Jamie Weston

Recored & Mixed by Frazer Merrick

A Jamie Weston Films production


Duality is a LimboTech experimental motion captured audio visualization, featuring an electronic soundtrack by Jamie Pascoe and brought to life by the choreography of Amber Jarman-Crainey.

Premiered in Mercury Theater online digital festival 2020

Produced by Jamie Weston and Signals

A Jamie Weston Films production


Peanut Butter Tofu

Presenter Chef Andrew Livingstone's Happy Andy's Good Food see at @happy_andy_food

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