Proportion Productions

Sony Home Entertainment


Fox Trap is a 2016 British slasher horror film directed by Jamie Weston (shorts: Sinners; Tales from the Apocalypse: Silent Dawn) from a screenplay by producer Scott Jeffrey (Babysitter Killings; The Attic) for Proportion Productions.

The film has its world premiere at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby on 28th October. 

A Sony DVD release is scheduled for  2017, in the UK.

Main cast:

Klariza Clayton (Blood Money; Young Dracula TV series), Scott Chambers (Blood Money; Hush), Alex Sawyer, Kate Greer (The Attic), Becky Fletcher (The Attic; Deadly Waters), Julia Eringer (The Missing Knife; Vampire Gang Origins).



Eight years after a terrible accident that left a young girl disabled, the group responsible are invited to a remote manor house in the countryside for a class reunion. Little do they know, they are being targeted by a masked maniac hell bent on revenge…

United Kingdom